Victor Prieto
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        • Cheek and Prieto met in 2006 working with Solla and their new CD Rollo-Coaster (a followup to a DVD from 2008) shows off how much music these two virtuosos can make.

        • All About Jazz New York By Marcia Hillman
        • Cover of Hot House, the BIBLE of Jazz in New York.




        • Portada de Hot House Jazz , La BIBLIA de Jazz de New York.
        • An odd couple of sorts, this union between accordion and saxophone is at once curious but proves a match made in heaven with Chris Cheek and Victor Prieto's collaborative release Rollo-Coaster.

        • All About Jazz by Mark F. Turner
        • Victor Prieto "A fiendishly skilled accordionist and composer"...."An effervescent improviser"...."A dynamic jazz accordionist".

        • New York Times by Chinen
        • "Noteworthy Performances" Victor Prieto Trio at Smalls New York.


        • Jazz Improv Magazine
        • Prieto plays accordion the way Toots Thielmans plays harmonica or Dino Saluzzi plays bandoneon. He transcends the instrument and just plays music. The key features of Prieto's music are lyricism and drama. He writes fine, memorable melodies, then works with the band to create tracks with a very clear dramatic arch, sometimes more than one, engaging and carrying the listener forward... He tells stories and paints pictures with music.

        • All About Jazz By Budd Kopman



        • The Merciad, Erie, USA By Christina Ferranti
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