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        • " Victor Prieto Trio - Lake George Jazz Festival"

          Jazz at the Lake @ Shepard Park



          Let’s start with a “simple” concept: Accordion jazz. Sounds like the worst night you’ve ever spent at the VFW, right? Never mind that the accordion was a part of this music going back to the days of Django Reinhardt, or that Victor Prieto had already shown his axe’s affinity with the genre two years ago on this very stage, as a support player for Christian Howes & Southern Exposure. But rather than dive into the better-known creative depths plumbed by Reinhardt’s Quintette du Hot Club de France, Prieto’s goal was to meld Argentinian tango jazz with musical styles from the Galician region of northwest Spain where he grew up; that meant mashing up seemingly incompatible Celtic and Brazilian styles with sounds created by none other than Astor Piazzolla. On the compatibility front, Prieto explained that, in Galicia, “If you don’t play the bagpipes or the accordion, you are playing soccer!”


          Prieto filled the opener “Frevo” with color & aggression, running through lines that were dissonant but magnificent. Play those lines through a Hammond B3 or a Fender Rhodes and we’d be wowed, but we’d accept them as the normal fare. Played through an accordion, they seemed exotic and decadent. With only bassist Edward Perez and drummer Vince Cherico to back him up, Prieto was truly in the spotlight, and he handled the pressures and the responsibilities with a practiced effortlessness. Perez’ mournful in-the-clear opening to “Papa Pin” (“My Father Seraphim”) set the table perfectly for Prieto’s wistful, loving ode to his grandfather, and Cherico’s sterling foundation work let Prieto and Perez dance when the situation called for it. For me, the real knockout blow came early, when Prieto demonstrated the almost-lost art of throat-singing on the a cappella “Three Voices.” The control and discipline it took to control each vocal chord separately completely eluded me, but for Prieto, it was just another day on the stage, and he set the stage for the rest of that day perfectly.

          by Jay Hunter

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