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The registration for The IV International Ourense-Spain Jazz accordion and modern harmony Master Classes, July 8-9 and 15-16, 2017 is  Open.


"Skype or Video conference lessons are available for all levels" (English - Español - Portugues).

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Victor Prieto holds a Degree in Jazz Accordion Performance from Berklee College of Music (Boston), where he studied with a full schoolarship and a Diploma in Classical Accordion from Ouresnse - Spain Conservatory. He is the only one to date to specialize in jazz accordion studies at Berklee College of Music, which does not offer any classes focusing on accordion. Uninhibited by these circumstances Victor created his own study program, applying the expertise offered by educators at Berklee to the accordion. Among his students are some of the best Jazz and World Music accordionits in the world. Victor Prieto teaches Master Classes at Berklee College of Music.


For the past 20 years, Victor has been developing and improving his curriculum for teaching modern harmony and jazz for the accordion.  These classes will help you establish a strong foundation in the understanding of modern harmony or jazz harmony in the accordion.




One of the greatest obstacles that accordion players face when they start studying modern harmonies, it is that we have no idea how to even begin applying the info to the accordion.

These lessons will help you with all of that:

-Modes, scales, patterns.

-Improvisation and phrasing in different Styles : Bebop, Blues, Gypsy Jazz (Manouche), Brazilian, Traditional Tango, New Tango (Astor Piazzola), Latin Jazz, Funk and Counterpoint improvisation using 3 voices or more.

-How to use the registers on both hands of the accordion to create different textures and colors.

-Chords formation, how to build the chords. Open and closed position, Poly Chords, upper structures .
We will also learn Victor's technique “Chord approach on both hands”.  This is an advanced technique for comping and it requires you to have some knowledge in modern harmony.

-How to comp and different ways of comping depending on the style you are playing.
It will also give you an easy way to comp, you will be able to do it the same day of the Master Class.

-Showcase the accordion in different musical situations: playing solo, trio (rhythm section), in duo (sax, piano, guitar, voice).  The accordion has to interact in a completely different way depending on the instrument or instruments that is playing with.  

This is a vast quantity of material…

-All of this information will change the concept and the way you see music on the accordion, as it had for many accordionists already.

-Finally, the MOST IMPORTANT goal of these classes is to help  you understand how to apply this info to the accordion, so you can keep studying with different teachers regardless the instrument that they play. (pianist, guitarist).




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